Heartburn​ (acid reflux) home remedies

I’ve been suffering from acid reflux for over ten years now. It became much frequent in the last couple of years.Last year my doctor advised me to take a popular over the counter acidity medicine ( a proton pump inhibitor) for six months. Which gave me relief for that time, but created a much serious problem of low blood iron level, it is a side effect of the medicine. Also, felt I was becoming dependent on this medicine and had to take it at least 2-3 times every week. So I started looking at natural alternatives and a few things which have really helped me are these

Fenugreek Seeds (Methi), I take about half tablespoon after my breakfast. I just swallow it with water.

Carom seeds, I take about half tablespoon after my lunch. I just swallow it with water.

Fennel seeds, I chew about half tablespoon after my dinner.

I also find apple cider vinegar very effective. If I feel the acidity burn I mix half a cup water with about half tablespoon of ACV and it immediately relieves the heartburn symptoms. To make it more palatable I mix ACV with cold water and add a little honey.

Please let me know If these remedies worked for you. I am not dependent on the medicine anymore and hope in long term it will heal my system completely.