Chutney roasted cauliflower

I love oven roasting my  cauliflower ,it gives such a good flavor and keeps it crispy.This is a very easy recipe and comes out good each time. Here is how i cook  it   1 medium head of cauliflower . First separate the florets and then slice them in about 1/2 each  flat pieces. 3… Continue reading Chutney roasted cauliflower


Baked potato

Baked potato is one of my most favorite food of all times.  Mostly to save time I make mine in microwave and  dress it with chadder cheese , sour cream , chives and  freshly ground black pepper. For me it makes such a satisfying lunch or dinner. I am planning to make this elevated version… Continue reading Baked potato

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Chilli Garlic Cashew Kale

12 Oz chopped kale leaves 2 whole red chillies 12 whole cashews 3 garlic pods chopped 2 Table spoon olive oil Salt to taste Heat olive oil in a pan. Fry cashews in the oil, take them out when slightly brown. Add the red chillies to the same oil. You can break the chillies into… Continue reading Chilli Garlic Cashew Kale

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Easy green tea cake

I am always looking for recipes which are easy to make, require few ingredients and taste very good. This is one of those recipes. Baking generally takes lots of precise measurements and steps, but this recipe for green tea cake is so simple, any body can bake this cake. My kids (3 and 5 yr… Continue reading Easy green tea cake


Minty Black eyed peas and Avacado Salad

2 Cups boiled black eyed peas 1 Ripe but firm avocado in bite size pieces 1 Small Roma tomato cut in small pieces 1 small red onion cut in small pieces For dressing 1 Cup fresh mint leaves 2 Medium size garlic cloves 1 Small piece of ginger (about an inch in diameter and 1/4… Continue reading Minty Black eyed peas and Avacado Salad


Mango ,Avaocado and Spinach Salad

This recipe will make about 4 side salads 1 Ripe Mango 1 Avocado About 4 cups baby spinach leaves 3 Tbsp pine nuts For dressing Juice of one lemon 3 Tbsp avocado or any light oil 2 Tbsp maple syrup or honey will also work Salt and pepper to taste Add all the ingredients for… Continue reading Mango ,Avaocado and Spinach Salad


Fire roasted corn,black bean and avocado salad

A very healthy and flavourful salad that can be made very quickly with a few ingredients 2 ears of sweet white or yellow corn 1 jalapeño, seeded, finely diced 1 avocado, peeled, pitted and diced 1 can, 14 ounces, black beans, rinsed and drained 1 small red bell pepper, seeded and chopped 1/2 red onion,… Continue reading Fire roasted corn,black bean and avocado salad