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Homemade Facial Toner- DIY

Like so many of you ,I’ve been looking at ways to cut chemicals from my every day life . I’ve tried and tested several recipes for home made toners and this one works best for me. My skin is very oily and after moving in a warm tropical climate it is becoming even more oilier.  I am using this toner morning and evening after washing my face and it is keeping my skin quite clear. It is very simple to make and uses only natural products.


Mix together 1 cup natural mineral water,1/4 cup raw organic apple cider vinegar, 10 to 15 drops of  lavender essential oil,10 drops of tangerine essential oil. I use Evian water for my homemade potions , it is little expensive than other bottled water but this toner is so much better and cheaper than the stored bought ones so why not used the best ,right. I use essential oils from Mountain rose ,  I feel their quality and prices are very good and most of the products are organic. Store the toner in a glass or metal mist bottle. You can mist it directly on your face and pat with fingers or use cotton to apply. It is not required to keep it in fridge but I do keep it some times as cool toner feels so nice in the morning. I hope you make it and enjoy.


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